Prevention- Better than Cure or Treatment

In my early twenties I lacked the experiences and knowledge to spend my very limited funds wisely. My horses were always well fed, maintained and cared for. They wore fashionable rugs and I spent most weekends competing but I didn't think too far into the future to consider if my horse would be sound and healthy in the later years.

My priorities are very different now. At times I have stepped back from competition to direct financial resources towards lessons to improve my performance. I have made do with adequate rugs and equipment to afford sand for my arena to provide a better surface to train on. I also address joint health in my feeding regime. The horses I have are keepers and my aim is to ensure their working life is as long and comfortable as possible. 

During my extensive association in the equine nutrition industry I identified a selection of ingredients that I believe are key to supporting joint health. I included these when creating the  Advanced Equine Comprehensive Supplement along with other ingredients that aid in optimal gut health, immunity and encourage focused behavior. 

I am proud to offer a simple solution to horse owners which provides value for money and supports long term health to their equine companion.